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The reason for this blog is simple. I GOT TICKETS TO SEE MY LIFETIME IDOL- The LEGENDARY Miss BRITNEY SPEARS!!!!!! You have no idea how excited and happy I am. I have been a Fan of Britney since the beginning, almost 20 years ago when Baby one more time came out. I am proud to say that I have been with her since the beginning which is a big thing to say considering a lot of people have stopped being fans during the years.

My story with her begins in 1998 when one of my friends back then came to me and said.”Timi, you won’t believe what a great singer I saw on MTV today. Her name is this (showing me Britney Spears written on the palm of her hand). Bear in mind I was around 7 years old and I didn’t know much English. But I did remember the way the name looked like written. My friend kept on explaining how this singer looked like in the video: blond/brown hair with a schoolgirl outfit and hair put in ponytails. How the video was in a school and how much she was dancing in it. She was so excited about what she saw that it made me want to see this special singer and this fun video she described.

Probably most of you don’t know the struggle of finding a music video you want to watch. Nowadays it is easy, just go and search on YouTube and you’re set. But not back in the day. Back then you needed to watch TV and wait for the channel to play the song you want. And so the waiting started. I was constantly putting MTV on and waiting for the song. And not to long after it happened. I have a memory either of putting the tv on or me running to the room to see what song was on. What was on tv was a singer in a pink top and loose trousers singing outside with dancers around her. Everything that my friend described I was seeing on the TV but I had to wait for the end of the video to be sure it was her, because that is when they show the name of the song and the singer. And soon enough I knew. Seeing the name on the screen Britney Spears – Baby one more time. I was so excited I was like Yes I  knew that was the song. I loved it from the first listen and so the obsession began.

It wasn’t only me back in the day that was a fan of Britney. I had two of my best friends who were also a bit obsessed. The three of us were collecting Britney pictures from magazines and newspapers. I still remember how we had magazines that were only posters of celebrities and we were always hunting for the ones that included Britney. And the best one was a magazine that was called 100% (name of celebrity) and there were two editions of 100% Britney Spears. It was the best magazine EVER! Everything Britney. It was also nice because back in the day we could only find information about her from printed media. I still remember how one day the three of us got together with all our Britney pictures and were wondering if we should cut the 100% Britney magazines in small pictures. We were all so excited to do that because it meant having more pictures of Britney. Thinking back, I regret doing that. It would have been a great memorabilia from back in the day to have the whole magazine. And so the years passed and my friends stopped being obsessed with her as I was so at the end they gave me all the pictures they had, which I still have somewhere in the attic back at home.

How Britney impacted my life was dancing wise. Ever since I was little I loved imitating her dance moves. I still remember where I properly started to copy them. One of my best friends’ mom had moved to the UK and I remember how she brought a cassette of a recorded Britney concert. I was so mesmerized from the production of this concert. Even my mum who hates Britney (because of how obsessed I am with her) said it was a good one. The concert was from the tour Dream Within a Dream – Live from Las Vegas.

I was so happy when I managed to get a copy of this cassette. And so it began. I started trying to learn the moves from most of the songs on there. Still to this day I know some of them, especially I’m a slave for you.

I remember back in the day people were complimenting me on the way I was dancing and it was all because of Britney. I also remember making three dance routines in high school which we performed at talent shows. I am regretting having no videos from back then because it would have been so much fun to watch it nowadays.

So almost 20 years later I am still obsessed with Britney. You have no idea how much I want to see her. When the first date for Smukfest music festival was announced around a month ago I knew we can expect more dates in Europe . There were rumors a few weeks ago that she will have them on sale on Friday the 26th of January but I was really hoping that wasn’t true because I was going to be home in Bulgaria and I was scared that I will have a hard time getting tickets, because I was outside of the UK. And of course that’s what happened. They released presale tickets on the 25th and general sale on the 27th. It was a really weird thing because I had a dream that she announced tour dates but not in Europe. When I woke up I decided to check my most favorite Britney forum Exhale and what did I see? Britney has announced tour dates for Europe including the UK. You have no idea how excited I got, jumping up and down, almost crying. But after the euphoria passed I started to worry, how am I going to get tickets?!

And so on Thursday the O2 presale tickets went on sale. Me and my boyfriend were waiting half an hour before the sale started. But one minute after we got on the website there were no tickets left. Fortunately Britney announced a fan club which you had to pay a fee for and get a Britney t-shirt as well (win) and you get the chance to purchase presale tickets. Once again it was super hard to get tickets. I managed to get some for section 107 which is nowhere near where I wanted (section A) and I was about to cancel the tickets but thankfully my boyfriend convinced me otherwise, because there were no closer tickets left. But OMG I got my tickets to see Britney Spears.

britney stage 1

However I wasn’t ready to give up. I wanted better seats and I wanted Meet and Greet as well. So I got up again on Friday to try and get tickets. No luck. The site crashed, the good tickets were sold out, as well as the M&G. I was bummed. But I had one more day to try. Comes Saturday and again I’m up an hour before, setting my laptops up. And what happened you might ask. All tickets were gone within a few minutes. To my surprise and probably many others the O2 London announced straight away a second date. Fortunately enough, because of my boyfriend again, I managed to get closer seats at section B2.

britney stage 2

I still can’t believe it. I have been a fan for 20 years and I will finally see her live. Not once, but twice. I have only known her from pictures and videos and it will be such a surreal experience because that is a person that I have idolized for so long and it will be so weird to see her live, to see that she is a real person. Best part is I am going to see her with two of my best friends who I already mentioned. Everything would have been perfect if I managed to score tickets for a M&G. I am a bit annoyed of myself for knowing that the demand will be big, but at least I am happy as a fan that Britney still has the power to have sold out shows after almost 20 years in the industry. Not many artists can do that.

So all in all I am super excited to see her. August can’t come fast enough. So are you a fan of Britney? If so I would love to hear your story of becoming her fan.